There is a lot more to do and see here at OTR then just heading on in to the chat room. We have been working hard to build this place up for all of our members to enjoy, so please take a look a round. There has been a few issues that have come our way from the the chat room and the way people act in there. Let me just say that we do not ban people for the way they act, but we would like to ask each and every one that uses the chat room to Please act in a adult way and treat every one like the way you would like to be treated. If a player makes a bad move on you or sucks out on you that does not give you the right to go off in the chat room and call them names and act like a kindergarten child. It's a nice place to hang out and chat about what ever is on your mind, but we do not need the BS that goes on at times. When we have members leave because of that, then it becomes our problem as a site. We don't need this and will not take it anymore. As someone tells me all the time, "if i don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything"  One last thing on the, remember its a game of poker, it is the players cards, chips and hand, they can play it how ever they like, if this was a game of play the best cards only then that would take all skill out of it. A poker tournament is a game played against people with cards.  

Thanks for you support


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Well said Colo.  I for one know I am guilty when a bad hand goes down, and losing control of my mouth.  It is heat of the moment, and your post makes me think twice.  I will work on it and try to control my emotions a bit more.  I love OTR and want nothing but growth for OTR!! 

Thank you Colo for posting this subject for discussion, I think some people need a reminder from time to time about things that happen in chat. The chat room is for us as a community to come together, relax and enjoy each other's company. If someone has a problem with the way someone is playing poker then they need to suck it up or take out of chat. When bickering and name calling is done in chat where everyone suddenly is involved it's no fun. The end result is people leaving OTR which is something that should never happen. The very first thing you learn when you play poker is to learn to lose and win gracefully. I am no different from anyone else when a I get sucked out on a good hand and it costs me a game, I prefer to gripe in private and shake it off. Please, take your name calling and fighting nonsense else where, it is not appreciated or wanted in open chat for all to see. As a matter of fact the people doing it look pretty silly.


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