As I am still new to the site I may just be searching in the right area, but I cant seemed to find an explanation between the leagues in the card room. Is there a certain point payout for the card room for the leagues top players or is it mainly for bragging rights? If so what are the time increments for league play? Is it monthly or yearly?

 Im really sorry if I am posting in the wrong section or have missed the ansewers to my questions somewhere else on the site. My navigation will get better the longer I stick around. and thanx :)

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Im finding the info on regular league play but nothing for  the card room

try going to that will take you right to the registration page. We all start out with 1000 chips and get 500 more for winning out first hand, after that you must win freerolls, league games, or purchase (for a very reasonable fee) more chips. There is a payout and its determined by how many  players join the game, the last freeroll paid 7 places. we have an average of 18 to 23 players in my league and it pays 3 places (all based on the the chips collected from the buy in fee)

Good Luck at the tables♥


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