Ok, it has come to my attention that, the chat room is getting a little out of hand now. The chat room is here for members that have fun and chat with each other, but some of the topics are getting out of hand. We have all kinds of different people in our chat room now, what might be fun and joking, just might not be to the other person. We would like to ask each and ever one of you in the chat room to respect each members fellings. We have now got members leaving OTR because of some of the talk going on in the chat room and WE CAN NOT HAVE THIS GOING ON, Pam and I have worked to hard to build this site up to allow one or two people take that away from us. If we have to make choices on who stays and who go's that will not make us to happy. We have alway believed in open talk, and have not banned any one yet for what they have to say. The only people we have banned from OTR is the spammers. I hope every one can respect this and all get along, if you feel the need to talk crap about any of our members, do it private and do not bring the good people into it or just do us all a favour and take it else where.


as the song goes, " Should I stay, or should I go now"


We love each and every one of you here at OTR and please dont make us pick and choice.


Robin AKA ColoPoker

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Well said colo.. i agree 100% and im probably one of the most 'off color' gals in chat LOL soooooooo PICK ME... PICK ME.... PICK ME...



But seriously... losing any member of OTR is a sad thing.. We are all so excited at reaching 1000 members and growing , we do NOT need to have those numbers turn on us!  People need to grow up, show a little respect, and take their personal shit to the side!


I know the feeling on the internet is to tell the other player s/he is a (explative detled) for playing like a (explative deleted) moron who (censored) anything within reach of his (censored)


Now I bet everyone reading that could figure out what was said.  The real question is does it help anyone but the poster vent their spleen?  However, did anyone notice the opportunity lost by this classless person?


A properly posed question could easily start a health debate on the topic of low versus high pocket, when is a good time to go all-in, is an ace-suited better than an ace-whatever?  None of us have WSOP bracelets weighing us down, so a health discussion is beneficial.  Throwing in the vulgarity does nothing to help, and emphasizes your mental age as somewhere between puberty and high school freshman. 


Now there is talk of banning.  Don't like, but it might be needed.  Though there are no "Rules of Conduct," it seems those players who prefer the gutter need to learn them.  It is sad.  As mature adults, we should respect everyone.  Disagree, but be civil.  There is no (explative deleted) need to resort to such (censored).

I understand what you are saying, Marv.  The use of (censored) and (explative deleted) is a bit of my own rebellious nature.  It comes from the era of the Nixon Tapes when such words were removed.  I can, and do, curse.  However, I also find it counterproductive.  Now I use those brackets as part of my online personna.  In all honesty, I think my old hedgehog would be shocked if I cursed online.
You all need to get a mirror and grow a beard, that's just my two pennies! :)
♥ I concur! ♥


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