summary: Been playing on and off for 13 years or so both online and live. Was pretty successful at FT before black friday and moved up to mid stakes from micros and made pretty good money before BF. Switched to mainly playing live for a few years but family/work life has made it difficult (have 2yo and demandng job) and I've been on a massive downswing the past 6 months and took probably the worst beat of my life on last friday with the last of my bankroll (built up to almost 3k and was working towards 5k to move up to 2/5)..There's a whole list of beats I've taken during this swing but this one was just a brutal way to felt my bankroll.

1/3 at Rivers Casino, loose table of gambly older rich guys but I'm up and playing well

hero: $680


hero:AsAc in cutoff

Straddle in effect from UTG, 3 limpers 

hero: raise to $27

SB (villain) immediately 3bets to $90, UTG calls

hero: puts on a lil hollywood and decides to flat even though there"s now three of us in the pot (confident in my ability to outplay these guys postflop). Not gonna get into range thinking and all that as the bad beat is the point of this.

pot=just under 300ish

Flop: AhKd2s

Checks to me and I decide to get some value as I'm sure that smacked at least one of their ranges pretty hard. Bet 120 and villain instaraises to 240 which narrows his range to basically AK/KK or if hes crazy loose 22/AQ/A2. UTG folds and I decide to flat here as I have the stone cold nuts right now and not worried about a gut shot from j10.

pot=880 or so

turn: 7c

Villain confdently leads out for 200 and I shove behind for about 350 total. He instacalls and flips over KK. I flip my AA over and hes devastated. "Wasn't even considering what you might have had.." were his exact words.I'm sure you can guess what happened next...yep the ol 44:1 shot.

River: case K for quads for villain.

That has nothing to do with my stake but I needed to type this out/vent so I can move past it. 

Going forward, I'm gonna dive fully back into grinding online (mainly ACR/Nitrogen) but am looking for a stake to start multi tabling micros and micro MTTs. Will leave the terms up to the staker. I study the game pretty religiously off table and have a pretty good theoretical understanding of NLHE and am always happy to discuss or talk strat. I've dabbled recently here and there online but mainly was just blindly gambling with what was my live winnings. 

Anyways, cheers and I guess message me if anyone can help a brotha out. Will provide any info for staker upon request.

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