OTR Classic Blender Bender Word Scramble for a Seat to the $25k Oct 23-30

This is a classic word scramble game. In this game you will be given a set of scrambled letters, and you are required to rearrange them into a meaningful word.  After you complete this task, email pamela@ontiltradio.com with your answers. You will be entered into a draw for a seat to ACR $25k.  Winner will be announced Sunday Morning.

Good Luck~!!

OTR Blender Benders Word Scramble
1. RULLBYTSEBE________________(2 words)

2. GISARLBATIHTOTB________________(2 words)

3. RCDCEAAS________________(2 words)

4. CAUIMSTDCYORNM________________( 2 words)

5. DPOERPSIEAX________________(2 words)

6. LFOONMAR________________(1 word)

7. TLL-SHGHOWPII________________(3 words)

8. JBTRCREAOTKES________________(3 words)

9. ALYSDDO________________(2 words)

10. COLK________________(1 word)

11. NAECMICH________________

12. SFTOFIU________________(1 word)

13. YAPTTOISAN________________(2 words)

14. ORYOOPIILPPASERNT________________(2 words)

15. LRTEHO-A________________(2 words)

16. URENRNERUN-NR________________(2 words)

17. DFAPESFOPN________________(2 words)

18. LISANSTTEIOPO________________(2 words)

19. TISBTENRG________________(2 words)

20. FKEADOINRTHE________________(4 words)

21. MAIEGRNG________________(2 words)

22. IRDIARBL________________(1 word)

23. OP-IKMNTRELOI________________(3 words)

24. ETRPMIKOLI________________(2 words)

25. SELMCTIADIEN________________(3 words)

CLUES FOR  Blender Benders:

1)- An inside straight draw. Same as a Gutshot.

2) - Same as an Open End Straight. Four cards to a straight in denomination sequence.

3) - The fourth and last card of a particular rank to become available.

4) - Cards that are available for every player to use in making a hand. Usually dealt face up somewhere in the middle of the table.

5) - An exposed pair, as opposed to a split pair or a hidden pair.

6) - The casino representative in charge of the card room or a section of a card room.

7) - Having a lock on part of a pot.

8) - Forms of poker in which the pot is split between the best hand and best lowball hand. 

9) - Draw poker in which a pair of jacks is the minimum hand permitted to start the action.

10) - To give favorable odds to an opponent.

11) - A hand that cannot be beaten. Also called the NUT.

12) - A cheat who can manipulate the cards to deal himself or another player agood hand.

13) - Not of the same suit.

14) - A player who rarely folds, thus who frequently calls better hands and loses.

15) - An employee of the gaming establishment whose primary purpose is just to play and help keep enough players at a table. The prop player does not participate in wins or losses.

16) - To take money or chips off the table during play.

17) - A hand made using both of the last two cards dealt. 

18) - To get a good hand beat.

19) - The next to last or last position.

20) - An unethical and often illegal means of raising whereby a player puts a call-size stack of chips into the pot and, after observing the reactions of the players, then goes back to his stack and puts out more.

21) - Three cards all the same rank. 

22) - A standard game where players can come and go as they choose. 

23) - A spectator behind the rail.

24) - A game where there is no maximum bet; a player can wager any amount (perhaps above some minimum) up to whatever money is on the table in front of him.

25) - A poker game wherein the amount to be bet is fixed, or at most variable within a prescribed minimum and maximum.

26) - A hand consisting of two pair, threes over twos.

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1) Belly Buster

2)Bobtail Straight

3) Case Card

4)Community Cards

5)Exposed Pair


7)HIgh-Low Split

8)Jacks or Better

9)Lay Odds




13)Pay Station

14)Proposition Player



17)Snapped Off

18)Late Position

19)String Bet

20)Three of  a Kind

21)Ring Game


23)No-Limit Poker

24)Limit Poker

25)Mites and Lice

psst.... it says email your answers in. Not post them.. lol

You do realize there are 25 Benders Word Scrambles but 26 clues? The number 7 clue is not up on the scramble. Or am i missing something? Or perhaps won something for pointing it out ;)

Yes, there is a mistake. See skrin above.

P.S. but why is not reaction to our answers?


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