Hello all you Fantasy Football players, we here at OnTiltRadio would like to invite you all to join us in our OTR Fantasy Football League. It is set up to play at ESPN Fantasy Football, it is free to join and we may giving a way something cool at the end, of it to the winner. Don't know what yet, Here is how to join the league, instead of me sending put a new invite link to owners, just send me an email with:
1. Name to be used as team owner
2. Email
3. Team Name

I will then add you to the league. the draft has not been set yet, is was looking to have the draft on the 1st of Aug. there are 20 team spots in the Division, if we can get more people joining the league, we can set it with more teams and divisions.

Send your team information to me at; robin@ontiltradio.com

Hope to have a good turn out, tell all of your Fantasy football players, lets have some fun and good luck. may the best team win.

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i joined owner name michael mann- team name is - southside smokin joes please let me know when draft is ok
I am in also...dunno squat bout picking a team...but I sure will try hard..


Are you Ready for some FOOTBALL? OTR is starting a new Monday Night Tradition.with our very own Fantasy Football Guru...we've got some of the most explosive Fantasy Football Teams. around.~!! .We'll have weekly NFL Updates for our Head to head play. we'll provide regularly updated player information to help you field a winning team ,.Discuss the latest plays and talk trash in REAL time.in the ONTILTRADIO video chat room.....Live every Monday Night .... For a more serious competetion....Step it up to ONTILTRADIOS FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE>>. WIll your team be in? .Email robin@ontiltradio.com and tell him you want join in the fun.. also if you would like to be on air with OTR on Monday Nights let us know...you will need SKYPE so we can contact you :)
Ok I just set up the draft date, I hope this will work for every one that is playing.

Live Draft
Draft Date August 1, 2009 1:00 PM ET
Seconds Per Pick 90
Allow Draft Pick Trading No
Draft Order Randomized One Hour Prior to Draft Time
ok...teams are all drafted & the clock is ticking down.....ARE YOU READY FOR SOME "FOOTBALL" ?


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