Starting next month Mar 1, 2015 we will be starting a new give away program. Here is how it will work. We added a What's Going On section right above the activity feed on the main page of OTR, we will place a WORD of the day or a QUESTION of the day, all you will have to do is email us with the word or answer to the question, with your name. Your name will be placed in for a prize drawing, which will be drawn once a week. Each week will be a different prize. Stay Tuned.

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OTR Give Away update: The word or question of the day will be updated each morning so it will be up to you to check for that, refresh the page if you are still on the previous day. All you have to do is email us with the answer. Please leave your first name or screen name. This will  run from Sun-Sat ending at 7est each Saturday. The winner of each week will be notified by email by midnight on Saturday, so make sure we have your correct email. One entry per day so the more you entry each week the better chance you have of winning. Prizes will be determined by availability and can be a value of one dollar or more. No Spamming. Have Fun and Play Safe!

Who have been the weekly winners?

Joey has won the last 2 weeks

for the email for the word of the day should be


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