Your sitting at a table with loose players, limpers, and some over-betting preflop. 20 min rounds, beginning of tourney and don't 'know' anybodies play.

(I think JQ can be a profitable hand and it seems to get me into trouble.  Looking for some other views.)

1. How do you play JQ utg?

2. How do you play JQ, folded to you, on the button?

3. How do you play JQ in mid pac, folded to you?

4. In general, how do you feel about playing JQ in other spots?

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2.) min raise open but if everyone is calling all the time then open 3xbb
3.)same as #2
4.)it's nice to see a cheap flop with, but if you get 3-bet out of position you're probably behind.

If you don't use a HUD I would recommend Poker Tracker 4, shows you how people are playing , if they fold to a 3-bet, or if they're calling stations, etc.

i assume it is JQ off suit, UTG with no info on others, call or fold to see what the others do,

on the button folded to me i would raise,

mid position folded to me min raise to see what others do,

in early game you have no info on other players, fold to any raise limp to any limper and in late position, raise when folded to you.

just my humble opinion.

under the gun i fold QJ on the button folded to me i raise it, in midpack i fold it, and in other spots depends on my table and how people r perceiving my play if im playing loose that day ill continue to play loose but if im playing tight i would probably fold it but as a whole i really dont like the hand its too easy to get beat!!!!!!

Thank you all for your input.  I have been taking your suggestions to the tables.  I am keeping track so will report finding later.  Thanks again!


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