OnTilt Radio is the perfect place to get staked for  buyin tournaments, and we love seeing as many Tilters  playing in tournaments as possible.

Remember, if you ask for a stake and don't sell any shares, you can simply cancel your event and refund your backers!!  If you have what it takes then don't be shy, Here are some ways to protect yourself, so be  very careful who you ask and how you get staked.


Decide on what games/limits/duration you're looking for a stake for, and then simply make a thread in the staking forum, again being sure to follow the staking forum rules. The rules thread covers the bare minimum you should post in a thread seeking a stake - the more information you can provide and the more open you are with your motivation for seeking a stake, the more attractive a prospect you will appear to potential stakers, all other things being equal. If and when someone accepts you as a stakee, then you can correspond with them as you wish, but be sure to keep your thread updated, and keep your rail thread updated if you decide to or are required to make one!


- Getting details from stakees. Not just internet usernames and an e-mail, but a real and verifiable name, address and phone number and any other relevant information.

- Asking people you know have dealt with a potential stakee before or people who have staked them before for a 'reference'.

- Ensuring that your staking agreement is as comprehensive as possible. Not only what limits your stakee is going to be playing at and how profits will be distributed, but what hours they are going to play, at what intervals any profits will be distributed, whether specific site bonuses and/or rakeback apply as part of a deal, what should be done in case of a disagreement (before entering a deal it may be worth appointing a person you both trust as an arbiter in case of any disagreements) and so on and so forth.

- Using a secure, reliable, and of course legal method of transferring funds.

DISCLAIMER: OTR Will NOT be held responsible for lost monies, or scams.

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stake me in the 1500 gtd for $3.30 on acr!!

I staked this guy once and never heard back from him.


Hun, you know where to find me.

ty zeno  and gellin

I made a paypal transaction with someone here for ACR funds, and they can't get the money to me until this weekend now due to some computer issues. That said I would like to play either a run of multiple $25 GTDs, a $500 GTD (I have 1 win and a 2nd in this game past month or 2), a HI5 event, or preferably the $1500 GTD. Would gladly repay stake this weekend when my transaction is completed by the other member here if I do not make profit on the stake. Just throwing it out there. Thanks for any consideration on it.

So never requested to get a stake before but I'm interested in being staked for any ACR tourny. I guess message me if you are interested.

looking for a stake in any tourney and I will run on the tourney on the backers terms!! I have references if needed!!! thanks in advance!!!

ooking for a stake in any tourney and I will play the tourney on the backers terms!! I have references if needed!!! it would be much appreciated!!

Still looking if anyone is interested;.... or willing to do loan if you do not like staking. Please PM if you could make this possible. :) Thank you

sounds like fun wish I had the money to stake myself in that 1

I would like to run the $3.30 1,500GTD if anyone is interested.


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