I started today with very little in my account. As you can see in the image above, there's only $5.40 of "Wallet Value" which is 2 $1 step 2 tickets and one $3.40 step 3 ticket.

I lost both of the Step 2's and took 2nd in the Step 3 for $6.80.

Also in the picture above you can see I've made 4 cash outs from Ultimate poker so far this year.  I started the year with $0 in my account and have cashed out $370 to date. I did however deposit $20 after i cashed out the first $20 because I didn't want to miss a tournament. 

The step tournaments that I have been playing start at .25c and go to step 5 for $40.40 with the winner of step 5 receiving $141.86 for 1st place. I do pretty well in these, avoid the pushy characters early and take advantage of tight play later in the 7 man games which pay 3 position 3rd receiving their buy in back and 2nd getting 2x the buy in.

I also play online at acePlayPoker.com which is a free play site with a Nevada license from ACEP which owns Arizona Charlies and the Stratosphere here in Las Vegas.  They give away tournament entry seats and many other great prizes that I've won including 2 night stays and the jump from the top of the Stratosphere.

WSOP.com was tough for me to start out on, they couldn't verify my location and they don't have cage deposits or withdrawals at the current time.  I've heard from other players that it has taken weeks to get paid and their credit cards and debits won't work either. I have played and even won a $25 freeroll for $5.50 and ran that up to almost $100 before plummeting back to -0- in just a couple days. I still play the freerolls when I get bored but until they have cage cash outs i'm not depositing.

Sunday fun day in Nevada. My Sunday online schedule is usually...

12:00 Aceplay mtt madness

12:00 wsop.com $25 freeroll

12:30 Ultimate Poker Step 3 freeroll

12:30 Ultimate Poker Green chip $250 freeroll

01:30 Ultimate Poker Black chip $1000 freeroll

03:00 Wsop.com $250 invitational

04:00 aceplay skyjump main event

06:45 $100 wsop.coom daily freeroll

07:00 aceplay weekly main event (2 night stay+)

07:45 Ultimate Poker $100 daily freeroll (U)

08:00 aceplay mtt madness

Other sng's and random real money tournaments are also played throughout the day.

Doesn't leave much time for anything else.

How do your Sunday's compare?

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cool you can still watch the ball games on tv lol

My Sunday update. 

Net deposit is still at -0- for the year.

I was down to -$0.00 again this week but I used 10,000 points to get a $10 tournament ticket and final tabled for 6th place and $49.99 which took to the cash tables and made 3 cash outs this week.

I have been running well. I've played a few Lucky 7's also and have been fortunate to win 3 of 5 to qualify for the $7,777 freeroll.

It's  SuperBowl Sunday and I'm missing the game a bit to write this. On  to the game.

Sounds like a busy Sunday!!


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