First off, I want to thank the admin for correcting a small glitch in the poker room that left me a bit concerned as to what had happened to a handful of points. I am always a bit skeptical of any new poker platform, group, etc. but the support and active participation of the Admin here seems to be top notch and on the level.

  The idea of a broadcast that covered affordable poker tournaments for the common player was to attractive of an idea that I had to try it. It is very fun to hear your name called in the broadcast especially if you are running well in a tournament.

 They seem to have a lot of fun and enjoy what they are doing however the conversation often stalls on off topic issues. I find there is much more laughing than commentary on relevant games. I also noticed that when they do cover a tournament they often focus solely on their 1st person view of the game seemingly failing to highlight on anyone else's play. They do make periodic rundowns of leaderboards for running tournaments but I feel it would help to possibly include notes with highlighted commentary for the known players as they do cover these rundowns to help prevent the broadcast from going stale and seemingly lacking in substance and better entertain those that are highly attracted to the idea of having their own play covered as well.

 That being said...The commentary is very upbeat and carries a very fun theme. The group in the ontilt rooms also seem very pleasant and most importantly active. I was told that lower stake games may soon be offered in the poker room which may hopefully help attract more traffic to a pretty slow cash game.

 I see good things coming for this group and expect it to grow quickly. The market for US poker is slim compared to the demand. After playing here for a week or so I am definitely pleasantly surprised and will continue to patron this site with hopes that it may live up to its potential. :)

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