So as you will soon read last night was one that set me back weeks in my attempt to amass my yearly bankroll. What has taken me three months to build from nothing all but a few dollars quickly vanished after taking a shot at penny table history.

 I have never forgot a couple years ago when I won over 60 dollars in a single sitting at a .01/,02 table. I mean I only started with a 1.20 stack. It was epic and kick started my year on its way to over 4g's in profit from nothing.

 After watching a character open shove dozens of times in a row and rebuy over and over again a couple nights ago, I witnessed another player take him for over 75 dollars at these same stakes a few nights ago. It left me wondering if I should have loosened up and gambled a bit with my still young and fragile bankroll.

 So when he sat down to my right last night my mouth started to water. Fueled by confidence from a string of strong tournament finishes including a win here in the otr cardroom I decided tonight was my night! Unfortunately I wasn't the only one at the table that recognized the opportunity at hand and it quckly became a donkfest!

 Needless to say it cast me not 4 not 5 but 6 full buyins!!!! Why am I such a donk? I was getting it in good 90 percent of the time but getting hit with other players calling behind me 3 and 4 handed to open shoves from this maniac.

 I felt like that little old lady that just blew her Social Security check on one slot machine on the 1st of the month. Its a feeling I am becoming scaringly familiar with thru the years. But a true player goes bust and a true player gets right back into the saddle.

 Sometimes ya gotta be on the bottom before you can rise and layin on your back before you are able to look up, See ya'll at the tables :)

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Comment by MackNPucky on April 4, 2016 at 9:48pm

tonights not lookin better lol not lost much but sure haven't won either :)

Comment by ron null on April 4, 2016 at 9:29pm

Had the exact same results last night !!

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