Bar Poker Open Championship

 The Bar poker Open Championship just took place in Las Vegas on Jun 11-14 2017 with over 800 entries playing this event. This event by some people was classified as a social poker event/free roll, where a bunch of unexperienced players gathered to play poker in a real money tournament in Las Vegas. For some people this was a cheap tournament to play, but for others this was not. In order to play in this tournament you must have won our seat to play, with your local bar league or by playing online at the bar poker open site. The other way was to be invited to this event by finishing in the top present of points from your local league with the bar poker points, that you earn by playing with your local bar leagues. If you did not win your buy in to this tournament, but did earn the top points to play, it cost you the full tournament buy in of $235, $200 went to the tournament and the $35 was the house fee. If you won the seat all that you had to pay was the $35 house free, so this would still not be a free roll, a free roll is just that free to play. You had two shots at making day two play, but every player had to play in day 1A. If you busted day 1A you could play day 1B, but you had to pay the full price of $235.

 For most of the players that attended this event, it was their first time ever playing in a real money tournament and it showed. Yes there was some bad play or mistakes made, but for some people that did not play in this event to talk about the bar poker players as the worst players around, was a total disrespect to the game. Are the pros or more experienced players better than the ones just learning the game or any other player? We all had to start somewhere and even the pro’s where in this same spot at one time in their poker careers. I have seen some of the pro’s play hands like it was there first time and make some of the craziest poker plays that would make you just sit there and shake your head. The bar poker players do grind it out a lot, but just not in real money games like some of the other players do. Does this make the bar poker players any different than the real money player? Not all bar poker players are just social players, there are a lot of them that do play large poker tournaments, like the HPT, WSOP, WPT and do very well in these events, and so to be classified as a social player is just wrong in my book.

 My hat goes off the owners and staff of the Bar Poker Open for organizing this tournament and getting over 550 poker players from all around the country to play in this event. It was a great time meeting and playing with all of these players from all around. When it comes down to it, we all have one thing in common, we all love the game of poker, making new friends and having a great time playing. O Ya and there is that one thing, “making money”. If you would like to be part of the next Bar Poker Open Championship, it’s easy, go to the Bar Poker Open website, find a league near you and start playing. If there is no league near you, contact them on how you can start one.

  For all the bar poker players just keep grinding, do what you do and don’t let the bad talk take you down, one day your time will shine.

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Comment by bruce hill (cloudyspirits) on June 20, 2017 at 7:29pm

good story

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