Gun Control

Ok now this Gun control talk is getting so way out of hand.  I have just seen where this guy said that all gun owners need to be treated like sex offenders, now this really makes me sick. I heard the same thing before from our govt that poker players are in the same category as child molester.  For reals people, let’s get a grip on life here now. If I am a gun owner, which is my right and you want to put me in the same category as sex an offender then you as a person need to really grow up and get a life and to say this is total wrong in my opinion.  If people really think if there were no guns in this world it would be a perfect world we live in with no crime, then you need to get real. Please take a look at the numbers of how many people own guns in the U.S and compare that to how many people die to a gun crimes, then take a look at the numbers of how many people own a car and how many people die in a car crash each year, then try to tell me that guns kill more people then, anything else. Try to tell me how the number one death in the U.S is by guns. There will always be people for and against guns, just like any other issue. I am going to say that I think some of this is all coming from the media that has to go by the FCC laws on what can be said in the media and on TV. They try to make it out like this is such a bad world and we need to change, it’s all on the guns that kill people. Please people get off your lazy butts and go out and do some research on your own and find the facts and don’t go by what some person on TV said, because some ones Boss told them what to say and what they think the listeners what to here.  These news people get paid to say what they are told to say. It’s a media scare tactic to scare the people in to believing we live in a bad place and it is working. The media puts out how guns kill and tell people to go and turn them in and they do, here is 300 bucks for your gun thank you very much. Where do you think the money is coming from to the so called “buy back your guns”, you just paid for that gun twice, think about it. Who are these people turning in these guns for cash, I think I could safely say it’s not the law obeying person. Laws are made to be broken and not by the law obeying person, but by the person that don’t care about laws. Laws are broken every day it can be from minor laws to the major ones. If this were a perfect world and every one obeyed the laws we would not need, law enforcement, courts, lawyers, judges, jails, prisons and the people that make the laws, now would we. The court systems are way over loaded with cases, from people breaking the laws of our country and most of them get off or get a lesser charge, because of the DA doing what we all know of as “Plea Bargain”. Why make more laws when we can’t enforce the ones we already have in place. It’s all about the money. The courts make millions of dollars off of the people breaking the laws, it’s an easy process, here take this Plea and pay the courts your fine, have a nice day.

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Comment by Gary R Reed on December 29, 2012 at 6:59pm

You are absolutely correct in saying we need to get a grip. I have lost a couple of friends over this because they want their rights but refuse to allow me mine. They can't see past the end of their noses and don't realize that when you start giving up pieces of the Constitution, the rest is sure to follow. They want to equate gun ownership with driving a car and can't understand that one is Constitutionally protected and the other is a privilege granted by the state. Simply put, if you don't like guns, don't own one. Just don't tell me I can't. 

One of the friends I lost makes his living from the killing of babies. He works for Planned Parenthood. No, he doesn't do the killing himself and rationalizes his income by pointing that out. But that is just rationalization and I think he knows it. Abortion has killed far more children than any deranged shooter ever could. Yes, there are times when abortion is legitimate. Incest, rape or if the life of the mother is endangered. But just because you didn't use birth control? Or it didn't work? Give the child up for adoption, don't murder it. Knowing this he accused me of being a danger to children because I own an AR-15. That borders on insane. 

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