It's time to settle the gender wars OTR style! All month long we will be having themed events that pit the men vs. the women! This week we will start you off easy with five games and a Saturday night private weekly final! We were a little late in getting this together after our time away so please bear with us as we get all the promotional materials out there for every one to see! Lets take a look at our first week of events!


For the weekday games the TOP 2 Men and TOP 2 Women

Advance to the Saturday Final


Update #1: The weekday games are set for registration! Enjoy!

Update #2: If the same individual places as one of the Top 2 Men or Women on multiple nights, they earn a special bonus! Those players who achieve this will recieve an extra 1,000 Chips for each night after their original victory.


Game #1 Recap: Game one is complete and the Dudes took a drubbing! The ladies nearly forced the boys to toss up a goose egg with only one male finishing in the money! better pick it up fellas! Nice Job Ladies!

Game #2 Recap : The men got off the schnyde last night and turned the tables by matching the ladies performance from Monday! Right on Fellas, poker broads may be a bit quieter today! See below for the Top Deuces and an update on Wednesday night's game. No extra chip winners yet.


Game #3 Recap : The boys took another step to manhood by nearly shutting the ladies out of the top ten taking 8 of 10 spots! ChipsNClicks is also the first extra 1,000 chips winner for Saturday. Looks like they had to call in some of Al Spath's graduates to help seal the deal!  Perhaps the gals could benefit from some of his lessons? Ladies you know the boys won't let this rest, better call in some ringers! See the Top Deuces from Wednesday Below.


Thursday Preview: The Ryan Sayer Show Returns Tonight! That should help get the ladies juices flowin! Watch out fellas!  Joining me tonight will be my new co-host Danielle Adams-Benham. The show is also beginning to fill a permanent spot in the rotation so tune in to hear more and have a chance to play in GAME SHOW NIGHT for some BIG PRIZES! That's Right, Thursday's Broadcast will be very lucky for one titter or pitter! I have yet to decide on what one we will play but early exit polls from my brain say Match Game!


Game #4 Recap : The fellas kept the train rollin with four of the top five spots but a lady almost won it all. HBIC SexyAzz was the bubble finisher and the 2nd of the Top 2 ladies. with her on the scene now maybe the ladies can make a comeback. We'll see as her and Colo take to the air Friday night for Game #5 Apparently there is some concern from the gals that they don't have enough people so it's not fair. Waaaaaa! You broads had enough people Monday night didn't you? The Guys lead 3 games to 1! Long way to go. Top Deuces below!

Congrats to Rob for winning all those great prizes on Game Show Night!


Monday June 6, 9PM EST - Game #1 Omaha Hi/lo!

Monday's Top Deuces

Ladies: Kool02IAM & Tracy123456

Men: ChipsNClicks & SCBigone

Congrats to all four!

Tuesday June 7, 9PM EST - Game #2 NL Holdem!

♦♦ LIVE BROADCAST with Gator and Cliff Tuesday! ♦♦ 

Tuesday's Top Deuces

Men: CalmPickle & RaiderDave53

Ladies: BabyBlues12 & Karlakay84

Wednesday  June 8, 9PM EST - Game #3 ???? with Rosie!

♦♦ LIVE BROADCAST with We're efforting Rosie! ♦♦

Wednesday's Top Deuces

Men: ChipsNClicks & 7krussian12

Ladies: 1foxyroxy& StupidMoron

Thursday June 9, 9PM EST - Game #4 NL Holdem

♦♦The Ryan Sayer Show Returns Thursday! ♦♦

Thursday's Top Deuces

Men: TryingHard2win & PSOSailorMoe

Ladies: Joybell777 & SexyAzz

Friday June 10, 9PM EST - Game #5 NL Holdem

 ♦♦ LIVE BROADCAST with The Bickersons on Friday!  ♦♦



June 11, 10PM EST

$25 Prize, 20 Max Seat Tourney

** R/A's ** Bountys **

plus all the usual OTR Excitement!


We will let all of you know soon about the rest of June's Tits vs Pits action! This weeks games will be available for registration by 6PM EST, June 6, 2011. (its today) Good luck to all of you and we are looking forward to another awesome month at OnTilt Radio! We appreciate the support of our members and thank you for all you do!


The time for talk is over and now we shall see who wears the pants around here!

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Comment by 7krussian12 on June 11, 2011 at 8:03pm
I see the tourney up now, but I dont have the password
Comment by ScBig on June 11, 2011 at 5:02pm
Please, Oh please oh Mister Ocean, Master of Promotion, leave late registration open for an hour. I don't want to miss the game & I'll try & make it before but real $$$$ come first.
Comment by 7krussian12 on June 11, 2011 at 9:41am
I dont see the Final Tourney in the Lobby
Comment by Johnny Cox (aceking1961) on June 10, 2011 at 2:56pm
Disregard last tourneys mixed up....sorry!.
Comment by Johnny Cox (aceking1961) on June 10, 2011 at 2:39pm
I think you are mistaken on Wednesday night's top 2 because I finished 2nd to 7Krussian12.
Comment by BSO SSexyOTR~HBIC on June 7, 2011 at 11:29am
Lets get this Party Started  NOW  lol sounds like fun

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