I have been in the poker business for a very long time now and thought I have seen or heard it all by now, but then here comes a new one. Was playing free bar poker yesterday and a guy mocks Pre-Flop and exposed his cards, the dealer does the right thing and shows all players. This guy is last to act and bets the Jack that was shown, after the flop he asked, where is that Jack? We all where asking what Jack you talking about, there is no jack on the flop, those where exposed cards. He gets all pissed off and said, "I would not of bet that jack then". LOL OPPS got to know what you are doing and pay attention in this game or you lose chips with out even losing the hand. He mocked after the flop.

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Comment by dave d. (blacktreechaser) on January 9, 2017 at 1:43pm
I've never mocked in a card game...why risk getting someone angry at you. I have been known to muck sometimes, if I don't think I can win the hand.

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