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"Taking the Road Less Traveled"




    It's hard to believe almost 17 years have passed since I first stepped foot on this road. I could tell you so many stories of great accomplishments, but then I would also have to tell you all the ways I failed to make them count. I could blame it all on a day and event poker players know as "Black Friday", but those days are behind me. I've had my chances since then. The fact I am standing here back at the crossroads at 39 is simply my own fault. The way I see it I have to choose between 2 roads I can take now.

     I could take the safe road that the majority of people take in life. Just go on to live the "normal" life for the rest of my time. It's the safest less lonely choice. The problem with this road is it leads to regret. I think about that fact very often.

     I wonder how many people have come to the end of this road to pass on wishing they traveled the opposite road. Wishing they had at least given the road to their own dreams everyt

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