"Into the Storm"



            I had fully intended to start this journey immediately after posting the last entry, but I decided there was some important preperatons left to be made first. I also held out hope that the delay of more of my main bankroll being in my possesion would end. Luck for me getting some sort of start on the journey doesn't fully rely on that, because I'm still waiting for that weeks later. Certain entities are great at taking your money, but they aren't so quick to give you what they owe you. Just means more time to focus on the 2 main goals of starting at 2NL I suppose.


         I left the last entry talking about how my plan is to transition from primarily limit cash games over to no limit by playing a lot of 2NL early in as I adjust. While not new to NL it will be the first time I have made it a big part of my play in terms of bankroll percentage used solely for it. My plan when ready for the full scale grind is to start with 100 buy ins at 25NL (.10/.25 stakes) for a total start of $2,500. This may seem a lot to the more recreational player reading this, but I have hammered home lessons taught to me by current pros and coaches through both direct conversations and articles written on the topic of bankroll management. Most of them will tell you 100 buy ins means little to no risk of going completely busto if you are good enough and stick to the same stake. That will be 50% of my initial overall investment in this journey leaving the rest to be divided between tournaments and limit cash (when a game runs).


        As it stands this moment I have enough from stakes to run the standard brm of 40x at 2NL while waiting for the time I have the rest. With this not counting towards the $5k it's a free grind to let me get used to the ins and outs of an everyday NL player at the lowest stakes. Every player goes through up and downswings. With limit these swings were very minor for me compared to the graphs I see NL players posting. This will allow me to go through the run "risk free", but trust me nobody hates losing in poker more than me no matter the stakes. If there are swings I will feel them all, and I think learning to deal with those here will be benificial further down the road.


       The second reason for delay was taking the time to run a small test sample sample (3k hands) of full ring and 6max games to determine what I am going to play. I was profitable at 12BB/100  total across the test run with very little difference between the two styles. In the end I've decided 6max is probably the best fit primarily for 2 reasons. The biggest reason being that a lot of games cut out full ring online as stakes get higher. If I make it to those levels I will need to be skilled for 6max over full.


       During this test run I realized I was very unhappy with the defualt stats used by PT4 (PokerTracker4). I am relatively new to HUD usage, so it took me a couple days to figure out how to design a custom setup I felt comfortable using long term. I learned how to create the one I use now at SmartPokerStudy.com, and last night I was fortunate to speak with a professional player and coach about the quality of the new one I made last night. After he confirmed that it was worth using I am satisfied with it enough to start the main run.


       Since my main bankroll plan does not include starting at 2NL past making the transition I have decided I will run a challenge with this portion of the bankroll that will be on going through the entire process as well. Once I get my funds to begin grinding 25NL I will also be grinding 2NL with this "seperate" bankroll. Call it a very personal challenge to grind up from the lowest stake up as I build over time. Something extra I would like to accomplish, but I also want to get back to poker being a good scource of income way it once was. I figure if I do that I will silence a lot of doubters.


       Despite the fact I was winning at a solid win rate over those 3k sample hands this won't be an easy task.Playing for hours to win enough to pay for a small cheeseburger meal is not very exciting, but that's reality of 2NL stakes. Pair that with the beats from the less experienced (and often only playing for entertainment) players, and it's the recipe for a lot of frustration.


       The hardest thing I have had to endure through this journey is the fact some family has been those that don't believe I can do this. They were the same that said I could be anything I wanted to be when I was little. Then when I grew up my dream was wrong or impossible. Something I have always carried with me is their voices inside my mind. I'd be lying if I said proving them wrong isn't as important to me as the main journey, so this is something I must do as hard and time consuming as it might be.


      Everyone goes through "storms" on their journey, and for a poker player this is an accepted part of the craft. See the sun is always shining on the other side of a storm. The only way to make progress in a storm is to grind your way through by improving where you can. Taking shortcuts around it won't keep you clear of another or leave you better prepared. Doesn't matter how long your journey takes, and it doesn't matter where you start. Only thing that matters is you start somewhere. 


       I will be starting play later tonight or first thing after work tomorrow. If things work out right I plan to hopefully be about 2k+ hands in by the next entry. Plan as of now is for that entry to come in evening hours Friday 5/14. With play officially starting this should be more frequently updated to remain as up to date on the journey as possible. Thanks for coming along for it. Let's get to the grind! 


Virtual Soundtrack for entry Hard Row to Hoe - Brother Dege

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