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Date: July 1, 2020
Time: 12:00
Location: StockPoker

How To Get $10 FREE MONEY (2018) - YouTube

Want some MORE Free Cash???    Well I have a challenge for YOU!!!    You are already starting off with FREE $10 From StockPokerOnline.com   If YOU Don’t already have an account, Please use OTR as your Referral Code.  After you verify your Identity, You will receive your $10 FREE Cash..

So I challenge you to turn that $10 into $100.. With NO Deposits, NO Player 2 Player Transfers at All!!   You can ONLY play Cash Tables,  Freebuys and Micro GTD games OTR is offering you..   If you can manage that, then I’ll send you an additional $10.00..  For Every Additional $100 you add to your bankroll, you get $10.00 each time you reach that threshold!!   All you need to do is be the 1st Person to Post  a screen shot of your cashier confirming you have reached the threshold in the thread below, and I’ll instantly ship your Cash!!!  This offer is limited up to $500 in winnings.. So you can win $50 from OTR if you reach $500 with NO Deposits!!!

You have 1 Month starting Today June 30, 2020 to July 31,2020 to Accomplish the BankRoll Challenge!!

Go to StockPokerOnline.com and Register an account.. Use OTR as your referral code.. YOU MUST BE UNDER OTR AFFILIATE TO WIN FREE CASH!!  Verify your account by uploading your ID in the Poker Client where it says Accounts>Verification.  Once you are Verified you will get your FREE $10 from StockPoker,, Then you’re off to the Races.. Good Luck To all who can accomplish this BankRoll Challenge!!!

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