BONA Poker Hot Summer Event

Written by on July 16, 2020 Please use Referral Code OTRROCKS when you sign up for an account @ BONA
Hot Summer Event
EVENT #1 2nd Mega Freeroll Seriese
Pre-roll tournament events from series 12 to 18 will be resumed from July 13th to July 19th. Please use Referral Code OTRROCKS when you sign up for an account @ BONA

Don’t miss the chance to win AirPods Pro, IPad mini and IPhone every weekend.

(The tournament starts every day at 0:00 GMT and 8:00 ET.)

Click :: 
Click to Get Iphone 11
EVENT #2 Royal Straight Flush 
You can earn AirPods2 if you hit Jackpot with Royal Straight Flush during Ring Game from July 13 to July 31.No duplicate awards.You can hit Jackpot by visiting the showdown.
Click to Get Air Pods 2
EVENT #3 Pop-Corn Race 
Bonapoker is offering you a new reward system.

First of all, you can refill 100,000 corns every day. (If you have less than 20,000 corns)

You’ll get something called “Pop” for playing with the corn; that’s right, it’s popcorn.

Popcorn is the same as the Rakeback of other poker games, and you will be able to collect these rewards and exchange the prepared items in our store.

Currently, our store is organizing and preparing various products.

The pre-store event starts with the pre-store race before the store is ready.

Two types of popcorn races are available.

Type #1 Pop-corn Race
1.The event rewards AirPods 2 to the user who collected the most popcorn twice every week; Mon-Thu and Fridays.

2.Corns will be rewarded as a gift to the 2nd to the 20th place, to help to collect more popcorn at the next event.

3.Popcorn gain doubles every Thursdays and Sundays

4.Happy hour event that allows for you to earn double the amount of popcorn at a specific time everyday.

5.Corn tournaments are also held where corns can be obtained every hour. Make more Pops with a lot of corn!!

6.The event will be held from July 13th through August 2nd.

Type #2 Popcorn Challenge
AirPods Pro will be rewarded as soon as you reach 100 million Popcorns.

You can exchange your earned 100 million Popcorns to AirPods Pro anytime from July 13th through July 31st. (The original required amount of Popcorns is 250 million) 
Get to Air Pods 2
EVENT #4 SNS Event
Get to Free Chips
If you post Bona Poker’s event on your social network and share to our Bona Poker supporters,you’ll be rewarded from 1 million to 100 million corns depending on the quality of your post.You can share what you’ve earned from Bona Poker, or whatever our events are.Please share Bona Poker with others.We will offer you various rewards and benefits.
Click : https://bonapoker.comE-mail :

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