August 7th News.. The Good & The Bad

Written by on August 7, 2020

Good Morning Tilters and T.G.I.F.~

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First off I’d like to wish my partner in crime and Founder of OnTilt Radio Robin Jones a Happy Happy Birthday!!!

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We opened up OTR back in July 2008 and we are running stronger than ever!!

Thanks to our Dedicated Members!!!

And we Thank YOU!!!

Don’t forget Tomorrow’s OTR Bickerson’s Birthday Bash at ACR and all skins.. IT’s a nice $250 Freebuy with rebuys and addons.. The winner if you are an OTR Member will also win a nice OTR Prize Pack!!!

The pw for that game is TheBickersons

Now for the SHITTY NEWS~~~

Remember when I warned YOU Scammers who did Chargebacks against OTR and it’s affiliates? 

Well Here ya go..

YOUR Names with Address & Phone #’s with Family Connections and Work Information will soon be published as well..

YOU really want me to do this??? 

It’s truly SICKENING and PATHETIC that you even did this to ME!!

After all I do for you!!! 

Did you also know I am responsible for ALL of these chargebacks totaling $4288.75!!! 

This is NOTHING to fucking Joke about.. I am PISSED!! 

In the 17 yrs of being a solid affiliate I have NEVER once had a Chargeback..

But in the last 3 months you 4 ASSHOLES who must really SUCK at Poker did this to me!!! 

Here’s a friendly reminder you IDIOTS…

Your Names have now been put on BLAST on EVERY SOCIAL Media Platform and Poker Site out there!!! 

I bet you didn’t know I have many connections in the Poker World and I wont stop until you pay me back or you will be BANNED from EVERY Poker App and Poker Site out there!!! 

Yes I know them ALL!!!  Be prepared for WAR you Scumbagging Thieves!!! 

To my dedicated OTR Members, Please feel free to stop by their pages and call them out.. and Post everywhere you can until I get my money back!!! 

Have at it!!!

I have Promised to keep your personal information sacred..

but when you do this to me? 

The Gloves are on!!! 

Did you know many other Poker Forums also sell your information to other affiliates and forums to make money off you? 

Well guess what  OTR Does NOT do that scandalous shit!!

Never have and Never will!!!

But you can bet your sweet ass I will release all 4 of your names, profiles, address, phone #’s and Reach out to your family members and Work place to let them know just how much of a scum bag you really are!!! 

There is also a nice little group on Facebook called Heroes & Villains ran by Lance Williams and there are over 1,000 Poker Players who live for this type of scam and also live close to you who will stop at NOTHING to get the money back..

I mean NOTHING!!!

  So you better watch your back.. OR Reach out to these Sites and make amends & arrangements to pay them all back.. Man UP and Woman UP do the right thing!!!

I’ll be damned if you try to Ruin My Reputation or OTR’s Reputation.. I’ve worked many many years and have a Stellar Reputation and for you Ignorant bunch to try and ruin me now???

It’s NOT going to Happen!!!


YOU Got that???

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Eugene Wilson

Charged back $593.75 on RounderCasino claiming the site was fraudulent then claimed he LOVED the site.

Jackie Greene

Charged back $1796.00 on RounderCasino  Don’t know what her thieving ass’s problem is.. She must Really SUCK at Poker!!!

Damon Cook

Charged back over $900 in PayPal  in PokerBros Team Legion Group.. Claims to PayPal he didn’t receive his antique Book & Lamp

Ronald Vanaman

Wrote over $1,000 in BAD CHECKS that bounced in PayPal on PokerBros Team Legion Group.. Said he would pay the checks at the end of July and Never did!!


PLEASE PLEASE Remember OTR Passwords are Case Sensitive.. Type them in exactly as written or Copy and Paste them. 

Remember also if you WIN one of OTR’s Freebuys, YOU also win a Nice OTR Prize Pack!!!  Just take a screen shot of your win and email with your shipping address so I can get it sent out ASAP!!!

Good Luck All!!!!


ACR/BCP OTR $50k gtd Seat Freebuy Structure:

OTR $50K Gtd Seat Freebuy
8pm est
Monday-Friday will play NLH
Sat & Sun will play PLO
1500 Starting Stack
.50 Cent Rebuys (1500 chips)
$1.00 Addon (10k Chips)
10 Min Blinds
1 Hour Late Reg
1st Place Wins Tournament Bucks

FREEBUY PW for the Seat to the $50k
Monday pw ShuffleOTR
Tuesday pw DealtOutOTR
Wed pw RiverMeOTR
Thurs pw BringItOTR
Friday pw FullBoatOTR
Saturday pw Str8FlushOTR
Sunday pw BadBeatOTR

FREEBUY pw for OTR $25 GTD Sat & Sunday Mornings:

Saturday pw GoodMorningOTR

Sunday pw WakeUpOTR

OTR Afternoon Delight Daily $25 GTD PennyRoll Series

3pm est

$.01 Buyin (One Penny)
1500 Starting Stack

$.10 Cent Rebuys (1500 chips)$.50 Addon (10k Chips)
10 Min Blinds
1 Hour Late Reg
1-18 pays

OTR Afternoon Delight PennyRoll Series PW:

Monday pw BankRollOTR
Tuesday pw DoubleDownOTR
Wed pw FlatBettingOTR
Thurs pw HighRollerOTR
Friday pw TappingOutOTR
Saturday pw GamblingOTR
Sunday pw ExpectedValueOTR

OTR Special Freebuys:

OTR  Bickerson’s Bash $250 GTD Freebuy Saturday August 8th

pw: TheBickersons

Tips are also very appreciated to help us keep YOUR freerolls going & to Help OTR Pay Off these Horrific Chargebacks!!


OSAA - Awards

~~OnTilt Radio Doesn’t Fear The Competition~~ 

~~We ARE The Competition!!!~~

Have an amazing Friday & Weekend!!

Much Love & Respect!

Good Luck In Life & On The Flop!!

Pam & Robin

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