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Written by on June 30, 2020

I’ve got some very exciting news for you today!!!  This partnership has been in the works for a few weeks and we finally got word to Roll With It!!!  I’m pleased to announce a Brand New Partnership with OTR &!!!  They are on the Entarra Network!!!  YAY, I absolutely LOVE this Software as you will be too, because that’s where Most of us have been playing on for the Past 3 yrs!!!! Remember the Good Old 64Spades?  Yep!! Me too!!  Now we have a Great  opportunity to be back playing the games we LOVE on this KickAss Software!!!  ALL “NEW” Players will also get a $10 NO Deposit BONUS!!!  The only thing we require you to do before you get the FREE Cash, is to Verify your Email address ( please look in your spam folders for emails) & To Verify your Identity!!! Players this is a MUST!!!  This way is to Keep the CHEATERS from Creating Multiple Accounts to get the FREE Cash, and to DUMP it into their “Other” accounts and Try to Withdraw!!!  Also YOU can NOT withdraw this FREE Cash!!!  Anyone who tries, will be Immediately BANNED!!!  ONLY 1 Player Per Account PERIOD!!!!  Do NOT try to be sneaky and create Multiple accounts.. We have special Software to Detect Multiple IP Addresses and MORE!!!  So I REPEAT.. DO NOT TRY TO CHEAT US!!!  Why ruin it for us good people who really only want to play!!! If we find this  Promotion to be ABUSED in any way, we will NOT hesitate to immediately STOP it!!!  So, Please play fair and DON’T become one of those scums only out for Free Cash!!!  If I find out that any Tilters tries to SCAM the site, I wont Hesitate to Ban you from OnTilt Radio!!! 



Use OTR as your referral code

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Stock Poker is now available for Android Phones and Tablets.
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Now onto Good News!!! I have posted below a screen shot on how really simple it is to get your account ID Verified.. Just follow the directions,and wait patiently for them to approve you.  After you create your account, please log into the poker client.. Go to Accounts up top in the lower left.. Hit that and you will see a scroll down menu, Click on Verify My Account, This is where you can upload a pic of your Drivers License, passport or anything you have that verifies your ID.. Click Upload, it might need to be made smaller if it didn’t upload, so try using a smaller jpg  of your document then try again.. If you are still having problems, then Please send and email with your ID Documentation and they will help you!!. Once this happens, YOUR money will show up in your account!!  Please allow at least 12-24 Hours for the Cash to hit in your accounts.. As OTR  has many many members and they will be inundated with requests for the cash and to verify your ID.

OTR has rolled out several Great GTD to help Boost your bankroll!!  They start July 1st.. So Please help us build these games so that OTR can bring you BIGGER GTD’s!!!  OTR will also be having a Weekly $100 Freebuy!!! You HELP me make the OTR $100 Gtd Freebuy go OVER the $100, I will GUARANTEE you that I will Give you a Weekly $500 gtd Freebuy!!!  Maybe MORE!!!! 

But you need to Help me Help YOU!!!

When going to the Site to Download for your PC or Mobile, Please use OTR as your referral code!!  We are the ONLY site that has the Lowest Rake Out there!!! We also have a Cool Refer a Friend Bonus!!! Please check out StockPoker’s Website in it entirety to learn about becoming an affiliate like OTR , Promotions and How to Deposit!!! 


Use OTR as your referral code

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I am lookin forward to seeing YOU back on the PLO tables!!! Come Play With ME!!!  I’m so excited I can’t wait!! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to play the Game I love on the Software I adore!!! 

Enjoy the best poker games online with the best online poker platform!!!  

Please help me and OTR make this site GROW!!! Please share share share this kickass Promo with EVERYONE you know!!!  Let them also be part of History!!!  If you do, I promise to Reward each and everyone of YOU!!!  You know me, I don’t back down from my promises!!!  I’d give away the farm if I had the chance!!!  The Silent Giant OTR has Risen once again and we will reach our Greatness Once Again!!!  Watch out WORLD, Here we come!!!!

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OnTilt Radio Doesn’t Fear The Competition~~  We ARE The Competition!!!

Much Love and Respect to all of my awesome Members!! With out YOU, OTR would NOT be in the position we are today to make these Incredible Deals!!!  

As Always, 

Good Luck In Life & On The Flop!!!


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