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Most buy in games are OTRROCKS all caps, all except Thursday Night Straddle, that one is just OTR

OTR Afternoon Grinders:
For all buyins, OTRNOONERS
Saturday Freebuy is bud
Sunday is blunt

OTR Morning Wake Up is, Grind

Please check back for any updates

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How about the password to today??

I see a tourney in ACR called bankroll builder. but non of these passwords worked. Do you know what this one is?

does anyone know the password for the tourney tonight in ACR called "Bottoms up"?

I want to register for the OTR Evening Tourney on ACR but can't find password do i qualify?

what is the password for todays Bankroll builder? 10/22/2017


It would seem that some password have been updated, since then. 

I've looked everywhere, but don't seem to be able to find the one for the Friday Evening $25 Freebuy.

Any help IS appreciated. Tks a bunch


Yeah ive been a member for a lil now and i have been unable to find where the passwords are posted. I have received an email once or twice with PW. But its always a bit hard to find.

ACR says to go to the chat room for the password for the $25 Thursday night game, but no one seems to know it???


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