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Good Morning Tilters~~

Welcome Welcome Welcome ALL New Members.. We're pleased to have you join us..Sorry it's been a while for this news letter.. We've been extremely Busy with Life as most of you know it!!  If you Ever have any problems or questions Please don't hesitate to ask!!!  OTR has had  276  NEW Members join us in the last 2 weeks!!!. WOWOWOWOW

I'm learning that ESOP was nothing but a dam scam :(  and I am PISSED OFF!!!  I'm so sorry to the many Tilters who ran their FREE $10 into Hundreds for it to be taken back and accounts Deleted!!!  Shame on Them for doing this and Shame on Me for EVER Trusting a Thief!!! This is TWICE in the past I have lead you to scamming sites!!! I promise to be more Diligent when it comes to promoting anything and bringing you on as players!! My apologies..

If you Ever need anything.. I am Always in the Chat Room HERE  

Come on in and chat it up and make new friends with nothing but Poker Players!!!  Come on in and take your shoes off and kick back.. Listen to some KickAss Classic Rock Tunage and get your Game on!!!  YOU never know when I'll be giving away FREE Cash to games at ACR and Other Poker Sites OTR Plays at!

OnTilt CardRoom:

OnTilt Radio just opened our very Own CardRoom!!!  We call it OnTilt CardRoom!!!  NO Purchase Necessary to play!!   We currently Offer a Paid VIP Monthly Membership to play in additional VIP Member ONLY games With  MORE chances to WIN!!! PLUS  we have MORE  News coming SOON to the OTC!!!  Get signed up NOW so you can play in MORE exciting Games & Leagues!!! It's NOT just Tokens and Chips you earn.. Those Tokens will you earn, will be the ONLY way to enter our Special REAL MONEY FREEROLLS!!! and MORE!!! Chips you earn will also allow you to play for Real Cash on the site!! So you see?? There's NO reason NOT to get a FREE Account at OTC!!! So come on over and get signed up NOW!!!

To sign up for your FREE Account please go HERE

Please also visit the OnTilt CardRoom Website for additional information!! The OTC Weekly Prize Series Resets Every Monday You can read about that  HERE

Starting in Next Week, I will create a weekly Event for the OTC so that you will know what you are playing for!! This Sunday May 24th Final Prize Game you will be playing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!!

We understand some had won tickets to the game and weren't allowed to Register for the Sunday Prize Game.. All Issues have been fixed and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you..

Become a VIP Member, so OTC can offer MORE VIP Special Perks, Valuable Prizes and Games!!


Who wants to play in a $10,000 Freeroll? Sorry for you big spenders, this is a freezeout, no rebuys and no add on. You must be a member and Team-Legion club 36720

Here's how to Join!! Download the PokerBros App from the app store.
Team-Legion Club:
Join Club  36720
Use this ID#  184736 as your referral
RunnerRunner Club:
Join club # 24697
Use this ID#  184736 as your referral
You will be assigned to OTR
Withdraws & Deposits:
Please contact Robert on messenger HERE or text him To make Any and ALL Deposits &  Withdraws. 361-648-5595  
I also encourage you to join our Private Facebook Group for RunnerRunner HERE
Please also join our Private Website for ALL up Coming Promos!!!  We're the ONLY Club out there that rewards our players!!!
 We FIRE Baby!!!

Come and Play With Me at BigDogPoker. Cash tables running rampant.. Many Fish to string!!! Easy Deposits & Cash Outs... Get 20% RakeBack if you are a Depositing Player EVERY Tuesday Deposited Right Into Your Player Account!!!!!!  .Also come join our facebook group as well HERE..  

Please use -SlickChick- WITH THE DASHES BEFORE & AFTER MY NAME.. as your referral.... Check it out.. and Jump on board and Come Play With ME!!! Don't Get Dealt OUT!!!   These guys are awesome and are growing so big they are getting new poker software soon..Please use OTR's Link HERE to register your poker account. Today is RAKEBACK Day.. Please be patient with me so I can get Everyone RB put in their accounts!!!  Meet me on the PLO Cash Tables and holla at me for a Free BDP Custom Poker Chip!! 

ACR/BCP Games & Passwords:

You will find ALL of OTR Games with Every Password HERE
If you win one of OTR's Freebuys  Please send me a screen shot of your Win to SSexyOTR@gmail.com and include your mailing address and I will ship you an OTR Prize Package!!!
Limit 1 per person please.
~Stay Safe & Healthy~
We WILL Get Through This
Much Peace & Love <3, 
As Always~
Good Luck In Life & On The Felt!!

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