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Howdy Tilters.. I had a long chat with the CEO of NLC2  NoLimitCoinPoker, and I need to compile a list of ALL Players who have already signed up that did NOT get any promo coin.. I have all your emails, but it is so many, and it's very hard to track them all and make a list.. As soon as I get everyone listed here.. I will send it over to NLC2 so they can credit your account accordingly.. So Please put your NLC Poker Screen Name in this thread..  Thanks all...


PS  for those of you still needing to sign up.. Here is OTR's affiliate link.. OTR appreciates  it if you use our link..

Affiliate URL: https://www.nolimitcoinpoker.com/58577

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Never got the sign up bonus. My user name at no limit coin is Wildcard



my email is tpa711@comcast.net user name ted711 i have tried to sign up many times code fails??  never got bonus


Jdalan, no bonus





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