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  • I won a tournament ticket for this sunday but I am not able to play it due to my schedule. Is there any way I can be unregistered from this weeks tournament and put in next week's?
    • Walker.. go to Support and tell them .. they will pull your seat back and issue it again when you can play.. Let me know if it is successful..
  • There is a freebuy on BCP at 9am. I cannot find the PW
  • hello, i was referred to you by my partner azes23. we have a new poker site ;
    he said you do marketing for poker sites. how does it work? you take commission from the site's earnings? let me know if we can work something out. thank you and hope to hear from you soon 

  • This is very disturbing news and=C2=A0 I wish you the best in all that you=
    do. I'm not sure what can be done to prevent this from occurring again or =
    if it can be prevented. I have been with you since hog wild I wi=
    ll continue to support your efforts if and when I can. I know I have not be=
    en a part of your games for a while but I have to take care of my wife. Ple=
    ase don't let the bastards get to you or away with this.Please keep up the =
    good fight.
    Majic Dave
  • looking for the password for the no limit hold em poker tournament on acr please and thanks

  • What’s the password for the $50K PLO

  • Waiting on a response as well i also applied to be part if the club on poker bros (DeeNice002) ✌️ 

  • I've sent a request to join your club on Poker Bros. I've yet to get a response through.  I've been a follower of TOR for a while 

  • what time is the 2k poker freeroll on pokerbros, wasnt included in email.  Thanks

This reply was deleted.

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