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  • Myself and others in chat can not register for tournaments. Says incorrect password. What's going on? People are playing the tournaments. I have not received any notification of any changes.
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  • What's the password for ACR's OTR in last level late reg
  • How do I get updates and news by Email from OTR ?
  • All invited to ontiltradio poker group:
  • sort your nonsense who gets tickets to poker game who doesn't; don't make a promise you can't keep!
  • ?????????
    • forget it, they have problem knowing who gets what! asked Pamela, she says she doesn't know;
  • okay .. but what special people they are ... I also belong to a club on FB and I received an email that I can ask for a ticket here ... I'm special too
  • not going to happen, only "special" ppl can play;
This reply was deleted.

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