Below are some of the frequently asked questions here at OnTilt Radio from our newest members and our older less "aware" veterans. If your question is still unanswered, never hesitate to ask an OTR Staff member or email, us the contact Us page. Our current members in the chatroom are always a good source of info!


  • Why Join OTR?
    1. Get email updates about new and upcoming sites to play at. 2. Get invited to special members only games. 3. Meet new friends.
  • What Chat Room?
    If you are having trouble locating the chatroom do not panic. There are a lot of ways to get there and once you do you will always find it. The chat also features a "pop out" feature to make it independent from the OTR site. Click HERE to get there.
  •  How do I tune in?
    We offer a variety of ways to listen to OTR. Best way is using the "Tune In Live" Tab under the On Air Marquee above. Under that tab are additional ways to find us. To the left of all pages on the OTR site is a info section. You can also Tune in using any of the media players below the tune in flasher.
  • How do I know when to listen to the shows?
    OnTilt Radio has an ever growing and diverse range of live and recorded content. From original OnTilt Radio Programming to our partner programs. We have something cooking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ws" Tab.
  • Do you have Podcasts?
    We not only have them we bake them up fresh and toasty for you all the time. Visit the OnTilt Radio Podcast Oven to see the wealth of yappity yap in our archives. You can also find it under the Entertainment Tab. 
  • Where can I find your games?
    We have a Game Schedule Page that is currently scheduled to be face lifted in the next site update scheduled on 11/1/11. You can find it under the "Games & Shows" Tab. When finished it will mirror the Broadcast Schedule page style. The OnTilt Radio Post has a list of daily games. We also have a regularly updated Events section and Calendar that can be accessed by clicking the main Entertainment Tab.
  • What is the OnTilt Radio Post?
    The OnTilt Radio Post is your daily newspaper from OnTilt Radio! In it you see a chronicle of the day's events, what's coming and anything of note that our evolving community demands! The OTR Post will keep all of our community in the know 24/7! Click the "OTR Post Tab above.
  • Can I request a song?
    You sure can. Look to the right in the info section.
  • Does OnTilt Radio have a Facebook or Twitter page?
    You bet your sweet beppy we do! Please "Like" Our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @OnTiltRadio
  • Your site kind of looks like Facebook, why?
    OnTilt Radio was built to be more than just a radio station. Not only has it become one of the top poker radio stations out there but it is the only one that has the interactive social media depth we do. The middle of the OnTilt Radio Homepage is set as you said, just like Facebook. You can post status updates that will simultaneously populate to to three places. OnTilt Radio, Facebook and Twitter. You can pick and choose which one whenever you make a post. If that wasn't enough, your personal profile page is fully customizable with a huge selection of possibilities. CSS and HTML included.
  • I won a prize, where is it?
    We give away prizes almost daily here at OTR. We make every effort to get your booty to you as soon as possible. As a general rule, please allow at least 3-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Something is not the same on the site, what happened?
    To maintain that spot as the #1 poker social radio network, we treat the OnTilt Radio Family of Domains as a living entity and spend many hours often helping it evolve to suit our steady growth and big expansions. The foundations are in place for some great things to come and we have solidly built upon many more already in place.
  • Your Menu Buttons or "Tabs" have a lot of info, what is it?
    They give you access to the hundreds of pages and diverse content behind the OnTilt Radio front porch. This Tabs structure and this page are also scheduled for an update in the next release! We're always working on something for you!
  • Do you have a forum?
    Yes! and we encourage you all to use it more. Please do you use it. You can locate it under the Community Tab or by clicking HERE.
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  • Where do I find the password for the ladies cat fight?  grrr...hehe!  I love the music!!

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