On this week's Poker Advocacy with Rich Muny webcast, 2004 WSOP Main Event Champion & PPA Board Member Greg Raymer joined me for a discussion on poker and poker activism. Please be sure to check it out!




**** Monday #Fight4Poker ****

• Let's send prefilled, editable poker tweets to 5 PA state representatives:
► Rep. Paul Schemel: http://spredd.it/fv9e4WpB
► Rep. Justin Simmons: http://spredd.it/BF2b5Ufa
► Rep. Craig Staats: http://spredd.it/N9MA3a6S
► DAP: http://spredd.it/893764ES
► Rep. Tarah Toohil: http://spredd.it/4dH8505b
► Rep. Martina White: http://spredd.it/3f5E7Sk6

• Let's keep making & liking pro-poker tweets in reply to PA Speaker Rep. Mike Turzai:

• Please share & like today's action plan:

Thanks for participating!
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  • Thanks Robin!

  • Thank you for using Poker Players Alliance Mail System.


    Message sent to the following recipients:

    Attorney General Suthers

    Governor Hickenlooper

    Representative Looper

    Senator King

    Yes i  sent a new letter to my reps, it is so easy and fast.

  • I hope everyone at this site is doing the action plan every day.  It's so easy and it does help.  Thanks, Rich.

  • Thanks Sheryl!

  • Done with today's action plan!  Thanks for making it so easy for everyone to participate on a daily basis, Rich. 

  • We had another great show last night with PPA's Drew Lesofski. I've been fortunate to have interesting and informative guests.

    I hope everyone will check out the archives and will tune in each Monday evening!

  • The interview with Gov. Johnson has been posted. I hope everyone will find it interesting and informative!

  • Thank you for that information Patrick, I have been wondering that for a while now and want to keep folks out of any "Hot" water with our Govt. Too much here to jeopardize for just a few pennies a month.

  • Good advice Patrick! Thanks!

  • Thanks Patrick!

This reply was deleted.

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